Tag: Barovia


  • Horror, fleeing, fog. Lot's of fog.

    So there's the party, wondering what lies ahead in the chambers beyond. They start to cross the rock strewn chamber and are immediately attacked by strange, eel-like creatures that try to eat their faces. The party wins the fight and continues on. In …

  • Death House

    The party heads into the attic, finding several doors off of the main room. They quickly identify a locked door & decide to begin their exploration there. Inside, they find a bedroom fit for children, complete with toy box. There are also a pair of small …

  • Meeting new people, & going to Vallaki.

    Having buried their dead companion, [[:gedney-foulkes | Gedney Foulkes]], the party heads back to the village of Barovia. Along the way, they meet a strange figure in heavy robes & a mask, who turns out to be a deep gnome by the name Esoban. There is a …

  • Vampires, vampires, vampires.

    Having burned down the mill and saved a pair of children, the party returned to Vallaki. Along the way they were accosted by some dirty hermit, who appeared to be attended by vicious twig creatures. It was a short fight. On returning to the Blue Water …

  • Strahd von Zarovich

    Known as the Devil Strahd, the people of Barovia fear him completely. Strahd has ruled Barovia for generations, bringing woe to its people for longer than anyone can remember.

  • Ireena Kolyana

    This striking woman is the adopted daughter of the burgomaster of Barovia. She is strong-willed & brave, but for reasons unknown, she has been marked by the Devil Strahd.

  • Ismark Kolyanovich

    Known locally as Ismark the Lesser, he is the son the burgomaster of Barovia. He is uncharacteristically outgoing for a Barovian. He is also a brave & trained warrior dedicated to his sister & her safety.

  • Rictavio

    Rictavio was encountered in Vallaki, for purposes his own. It didn't take long for [[:ziggy-bismuth | Ziggy Bismuth]] to discover Rictavio's monster hunting equipment. Not long after, it was discovered that the half-elf kept a trained attack smilodon. …