Heroes of the Mists

Dinner & a fight

And wine. Can't forget the wine.

The group had dinner with the burgomaster. They suspected his wife might be insane, and there was definitely something wrong with his sullen son. All in all, they had a decent time. The burgomaster even suggested he might have a position open for someone like Ziggy, due to his seemingly endless optimism. The burgomaster likes optimism.

That night, while the group was bedded down at the church, there was a knock on the door. Ziggy was the only one awake. It became quickly apparent that it was their lost companion Sylva Montrose, though she was no longer a normal person. She expressed her disappointment at Brimstone Silverforge‘s failure to keep her safe. Ziggy managed to annoy her enough that she offered to leave the rest of the group alone if they just gave her the gnome. Pewter Silverforge’s familiar was torn to shreds by a swarm of bats, much to his irritation.

Eventually the sun came up (more or less), and the group made preparations to go to the Wizard of Wines and find out why there had been no recent deliveries. Pewter did the ritual to re-summon his familiar, but when it appeared, it had taken the form of a zombie version of itself. He found that quite unsettling.

The group made it to the winery without any difficulty. As they approached, they were waves down by some cloak-covered figures hiding in the trees. It turned out to be Davian Martikov, the patriarch of the family that owns the winery, and his sons. He explained that the place had been taken over by the evil druids that worship Strahd, and that they had a number of plant creatures with them. Armed with a bit of info, the group headed in.

As they approached the building, a swarm of plant creatures came out of the vineyard and attacked. The group attempted to access the building by the back door, but found it barred from inside. Ziggy was able to climb up to a second floor window. Though he was attacked by a druid and still more plant creatures, he managed to unbar the door and let the group in. The door proved to be an effective barrier against the creatures outside of a time, though they were just as capable of climbing up to that window.

What followed was a big, brutal fight with dozens of plant creatures and four druids. They killed the druid who had the magic staff that had apparently give the plants their insidious autonomy, and they were eventually able to destroy it. Immediately, all of the plant creatures died. The group accounted for three of the druids, the last having apparently fled. As they explored the winery, they heard the distant sounds of battle outside. It was eventually learned that the Martikovs had intercepted and killed the last druid.

Once everything was secure, the group settled down for a meal. Davian explained how the magic seeds that made the vineyard possible had been stolen by the druids. He asked the group to find them, giving them ideas on where they might be, and explained that the spirit of the valley relied on the wine they provided. For better or worse, the group agreed.



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