Tag: Troye


  • Oswald

    Oswald is the innkeeper at the Traveler's Rest in Troye. He's friendly and generally easy going. He says he used to be an adventurer, until he took an arrow to the knee. He does seem to have a slight limp.

  • Nymea Goswynn

    Nymea is a Fellow of the College of History at the University of Subtleties in Troye. She is also Professor Togren's assistant, who she attends to very closely. She seems intent on insulating her mentor from any troubles or worries that might exist around …

  • Sigra Ironshoulders

    Sigra has accompanied Professor Togren more for the chance to map out a poorly explored region than because she believes in his theories. She hasn't said much about her past, but it's clear she is no stranger to violence & bloodshed. Sigra attempted …

  • Gedney Foulkes

    Gedney is friendly & almost pathologically optimistic. He joined Professor Togren's expedition in the hopes of finding ancient undiscovered arcane secrets. Gedney died in Barovia attempting to defend fellow student Sylva from Strahd.

  • Maiesse Tolivant

    Maiesse is experienced with surviving in the wilds. She gets a gleam in her eye whenever she thinks about the adventuring life.

  • Sarrus Togren

    Professor Togren is a Tenured Professor of History at the University of Subtleties in Troye. Many of his colleagues don't think very highly of his more eccentric views. Togren was last seen in an underground cavern at the center of some debased ritual …

  • Sylva Montrose

    Sylva was part of the expedition led by Professor Sarrus Togren. She managed to get her hands on the professor's books and was able to decipher the ancient text, coming to the realization that Togren was most likely wrong about his theories. Subsequent …