Sylva Montrose

University Student with Strawberry-Blonde Hair


Sylva was a bright, bookish student who ultimately showed uncommon courage in the face of adversity. After being taken by Strahd, all of that was stripped away. All that remained was Strahd’s spawn, a creature of hunger and blood-lust.


Sylva was part of the expedition led by Professor Sarrus Togren. She managed to get her hands on the professor’s books and was able to decipher the ancient text, coming to the realization that Togren was most likely wrong about his theories. Subsequent events proved Sylva right.

Shortly after coming to Barovia, Sylva was taken by Strahd. The party watched helplessly as Strahd rode off astride his nightmare, carrying the insensate Sylva away.

Sylva Montrose

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