Nymea Goswynn

Half-elf Fellow of the College of History


Quiet yet intense, Nymea projects intelligence. She typically dresses and behaves modestly.

While on the expedition to Quillande Ferosc in the Yobliac Vale, she typically wears leather armor, but is only armed with a dagger.


Nymea is a Fellow of the College of History at the University of Subtleties in Troye. She is also Professor Togren’s assistant, who she attends to very closely. She seems intent on insulating her mentor from any troubles or worries that might exist around them.

Nymea betrayed the expedition, seemungly working with the rat creatures that hunted the group. She was last seen in the lair of the rats, performing some sort of ritual that was focused on Sarrus Togren, though to what end remains uncertain. She did give at least a hint, saying that she was summoning a demon god-king.

Maiesse Tolivant attempted to get vengeance for the betrayal, shooting the half-elf twice with her bow. Unfortunately, the party was driven away before Nymea could take a third arrow.

Nymea Goswynn

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