Heroes of the Mists


And the things that went on there.

Our brave heroes, Sterling Silverforge, Brimstone Silverforge, Pewter Silverforge, collectively known as the Silverforge brothers, and their mascot, the tiefling girl Ruby, were in the trade city of Remballo, in the Kingdom of Suilley. No doubt having escorted a caravan to the city, they were paid what they were owed, and now found themselves a bit short on coin. Fortunately, having developed a reputation for desperation, a servant of the banking family, the House of Borgandy, came to them and asked that they come with him to speak to the head of the House.

Unable to think of a reason not to, the crew followed along and met with the elder Romero Borgandy, and his daughter, Isobel. They explained that a member of the family, Savario, had gone missing and they wanted him found and returned, alive if possible. If not, then those responsible were to pay the price for their misdeed. Romero offered a very handsome sum of money if they were willing to do this, and the mission was readily agreed to. Armed with a map of Dead Fiddler’s Square, the last place Savario was seen, and the surrounding area, off they went.

Not being natural investigators, the brothers and the girl fumbled around a bit, eventually hearing about a strange man with a dyed red braid referred to as Doctor Remora, and the somewhat odd things he’d recently bought: manacles and window bars. They also found out that he was the owner of the near-by Four Corners, which was a square surrounded by buildings.

The investigation turned up the fact that the Four Corners was practically a fortress, and it was guarded by rough and surly men. Eventually, the group ended up in the Hooded Falcon Inn, where Sterling did a little magical scouting with the help of his familiar. They were also approached by a strange and mysterious woman, who informed them that their investigation was somewhat obvious, and who also offered them an additional handsome sum of money to go into Four Corners and do some killing.

Emboldened, the brothers came up with the daring, and possibly foolhardy, plan of trying to provoke the gate guard into opening the gate to investigate their shenanigans. The guard, an elf who was apparently a little more thoughtful than expected, decided to instead summon the rest of the crew before opening the gate. That’s when the dwarves and their token tiefling attacked.

The fight didn’t really go well. While they downed the four gang members and their two mastiffs, Brimstone and Sterling were also downed. Doing a quick bit of looting, the band withdrew to tend to wounds and plan another attack. Along the way back to the inn, they came across a colleague of theirs, a gnome charlatan that they had opportunity to work with before in years previous.

Once everyone was back on their feet, they returned to Four Corners, using a little more caution this time. They only encountered a pair of guards this time, along with some random small stray dogs,. When engaged, the guards fell back immediately. Pewter showed a strange and unhealthy desire to kill the two dogs, despite their lack of threat. Brimstone suggested firmly that the wizard should probably keep his mind on the task at hand.

A trap door into a cellar complex was quickly found. The two guards were quickly found after that. Unfortunately, a very young bulette was also found, the guards unleashing it upon the party. Pewter created a simple illusion that served to momentarily distract the bulette, allowing the rest of the party to unleash hell on it and kill it before it had a chance to seriously injure anyone. The guards were then caught and summarily dealt with.

Searching the cellar complex found a number of things. There were a fairly large number of trade goods that appeared to be getting smuggled into and out of Remballo. The only person they found was the missing Savario Borgandy, who indicated that there should be more members of the gang present. It appeared, however, that anyone else must have fled rather than press a losing battle. After a cursory search, the party returned to the surface.

The party did a sweep of Four Corners, finding a number of valuables, as well as medallions indicating that the men they had fought were members of the Manas Thieves Guild, a guild known for its violent tendencies. They also found what appeared to be a contract between Doctor Remora and the Guildmaster of the Manas Guild. Unfortunately, it appeared that Doctor Remora has hastily gathered up his valuables and escaped while the party was underground. Savario was also able to find a number of letters of credit that he had been forced to forge, which he collected, with the intention of bringing them back to the House of Borgandy.

Their sweep done, and as much loot as could be found collected, the party escorted Savario Borgandy back to his family in the late night hours.



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