Heroes of the Mists

On the Road from Remballo to Troye

A long journey indeed.

The party returned Savario to the Borgandy family. They were allowed to spend the night in the servant’s wing, and in the morning they were handed their pay. They returned to Four Corners to go over things once again, just to make sure they didn’t miss anything.

They discovered that the underground tunnel led to a seemingly abandoned cottage about a mile past the walls. They also found a little more evidence about who was running the operation out of these cellars. Lastly, they discovered that one of the tunnels came up inside one of the area warehouses.

As they were leaving Four Corners, they were met by the mysterious woman who had approached them the night before. They gave over most of the evidence that they’d collected about who had been running the smuggling operation and gave her a rundown on who and what they found. She finally introduced herself as Spider, said she would have the money sent to the Hood Falcon Inn, and suggested that the City Guard might be willing to pay a reward for knowing about the tunnel that went under the city wall.

The City Guard was grateful enough to not ask too many questions about how the party found out about this smuggling operation. And while they weren’t able to offer a monetary reward, they did say that the Borgandy family might. It was decided that they would forgo the possible reward.

The group spent the next month or so relaxing, taking care of business, etc. Brimstone Silverforge rented space in a forge to begin working on a suit of plate armor. Pewter Silverforge & Ziggy Bismuth spent a fair bit of time enjoying life. Ruby Silverforge got to know Remballo a bit better. Sterling Silverforge did whatever dwarf priests do when they have a month to kill in a predominantly human city.

Finally, the Borgandy family approached the group once again. They wanted to pay to have a box brought to their counting house in Troye. They gave half upfront, as well as some money to cover expenses, and just like that the group was on the road with a wagon and a pair of draft horses.

The road from Remballo to Manas was well-traveled and patrolled, though they did come across an ogre that had apparently attacked a farmer. It was over quickly, with the ogre dead and an extra moment or two taken to repair the farmer’s cart. After a single night’s stay in Manas, they were on the Rampart Road to Troye.

The Rampart Road was likewise well-traveled and patrolled, and for several days nothing really interesting happened. It did start to rain along the way, making the travelling somewhat miserable for a few days. At one point they encountered a knight and his retinue that warned of goblins being spotted in the area. He reported that they had already fought one patrol, and had apparently lost their leader.

As evening began to fall, the wagon slowly creaking towards the gatehouse and inn where they would spend the night, a barrage of arrows rained down on the group. Everyone was injured to one degree or another. With a chorus of battle cries, about 30 goblins swarmed over the road, some ahead of the wagon, some behind. Their numbers were formidable, the group was hurt, but succor was off in the distance down the road in the form of that gatehouse and inn.



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